The Ritual of the Business Meeting

Sharing your business card with an important business client is one of the easiest and most universal forms of contact that you can provide. In most countries, a business card is so much more than a contact card; it becomes more of an extension of the person.

With our KnnectMe plastic business card everything is so easy and simple – your client just have to scan one QR code and he has all of your information.


The habit of Wasting your time

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

– Jim Rohn

The dynamics of the new decade are expected to be even more noticable, compared to the last one. Businesses are growing faster and faster, due to the sharp changes in the technological and ecnomical progress. This is a clear sign that your time is being more valuable and spending it on he right way, could bring you more benefits and growth. You cannot do business only by yourself, which means that you need partners, customers and target audience that will contribute to the growth and reputation of your company.


KnnectMe took part in Pitch2Pitch Vol.6

KnnectMe took part in Pitch2Pitch Vol.6 in Networking Premium Coworking Spaces in Sofia.

#Pitch2Pitch is a monthly series where entrepreneurs and innovators will have the chance to share their project.

5+5 Startup every month will have the opportunity to grab us within a 1 minute with your startup (any stage). Then they will have 2 more minutes for questions from the audience and the investors.

After the official part of the event, there will be a bit of networking between the guests, startapists and investors, while the beer and wine are from us.

The event is public and FREE. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship and investments is welcome.

Each month one winner will be selected to compete for the annual prize.